Should you upgrade to WordPress 5.0?


WordPress 5 is the latest core update for WordPress, and was released this month on 6 December, 2018. With such a major release (surprisingly, the first in over a year), you’d be expecting lots of new features.

While there are changes and tweaks to be seen all over, by far the biggest change is the addition of the new block-based editor (nicknamed the Gutenberg Editor). This is going to change the way that we use (and create content on) WordPress.

But let’s run through all of the significant changes, and see how this affects you.

New Building Blocks in WordPress 5.0

From simple text paragraphs, to adding videos and columns of content (with more types and options on the way) – it’s a solid start to using the new editor.

Overall this makes the platform much easier to use, making WordPress more appealing to the novice web designer. By including these creation tools as a standard in WordPress, they’re fighting off the rise of many free website builders such as Wix and Squarespace. In fact, this also competes with WordPress plugins that offer drag-and-drop or page-builder creation tools.

This will also enhance the theme marketplace, with developers having an easier toolset to create themes with.

New Developing Theme

Each year WordPress releases a new default theme for WordPress, and it’s no surprise that the new Twenty Nineteen theme is based around the new Gutenberg Editor.

However, if you’re keen to explore your options, there is already a healthy selection of new Gutenberg-friendly themes available on the WordPress marketplace. Older, popular themes have also started getting updates to declare “Gutenberg-friendly” status.

Should you upgrade to WordPress 5.0?

With new WP updates, we always recommend setting up a test version of your site – then updating everything (WP and all the  plugins) you use. That way you can go through your site and check if anything is broken or not working optimally. If everything checks out, then you can do the upgrade on your live site.

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