Why Content Marketing is Important For Any Business?


It’s easy to create basic content simply to receive a link back to your website, but truly valuable content will provide your company with valuable citations, social signals that can improve your rankings with search engines, and also create additional points of contact for your customers to make purchasing decisions.

What is good quality content marketing?

We need to think carefully about why people consume content and for what reasons. By using this method, we can understand where to interject our brand or services in order to provide a useful solution to our potential reader. This comes from understanding your potential audience first, and when they would need your goods or services.


You are also able to place links inside the video to products on your website and how customers can order the product and make them aware of your website for future purchases.

Where do you want to place your content?

Citation and where you place your content is important from both a user credibility point of view, as well as in the eyes of search engines. The credibility and effectiveness of links have two separate elements, Anchor text and Trust – which will influence your ranking performance with search engines.


What type of content should you use?

Picking the type of content is crucial for the way you want to engage your audience and also the results that you aim to achieve. If you’re looking to achieve improved ranking performances, text link building is your best opportunity, with search engines recognising anchor text for a particular keyword phrase that can improve the ranking performance of that and similar keyword phrases.

However, citation factors, social signals and reach are becoming more and more important. Understanding that users consume content in very different ways today, with YouTube, infographics and memes being consumed at monumental rates daily.

People are more likely to watch videos and read infographics than normal text. Users also have much shorter attention spans than before, with the urgency being to find short and concise solutions without being forced to put large amounts of effort in.

Sharing also forms a massive part of your content strategy, not only sharing the content that you have produced yourself, but also by creating content that users WANT to share amongst their friends and families


For solving issues to common problems as showcased in the above examples is something that people will share, in relation to life hacks. These can also be curated for maximum effect according to the needs of your audience. For example, if you’re creating a piece of content regarding how to surprise your valentine and make them say yes around this time of year, and you happen to be a florist or a retailer of small gifts, your potential to improve sales for the year, as well as have people actively share your content is very high.

This is not only something that can be used for product sales but also works for service orientated businesses as well. Many businesses can run on seasonal trends and it’s important for you to create the correct content at the right time in order to maximise the exposure that will naturally occur through sharing.

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